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(Grace-Light Protection from accidents; life-threatening epidemics and diseases; natural calamities like earth-quakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods; wars and terrorist attacks; hostile attacks and black-magic forces)
Swami Ramalingam's benign eyes of Supreme Compassion and Vast Grace-Light (click and print)

Swami Ramalingam's EBP(Environmental Body Power) surrounds each and everyone of us. It is already there in our environment(which can be verified by touching at the corner of our photos), ready to help us and protect us always. Only if we know how to invoke and seek his ever compassionate Grace-Light protection at the time of crisis and calamities like Accidents, Natural calamities like Earth Quakes, Hurricanes, Floods, Fire accidents, Epidemic and life-threatening diseases, war or terrorist attacks, Black Magic and Hostile Attacks etc., we can instantly receive his compassionate response. Vallalar has clearly said that because of his attainment of Deathless Luminous body on the earth itself, even Lord Yama (the Messenger of Death or Forces of Darkness responsible for the death and destruction of human beings) ran away from him, fearing that his Grace-Light would dissolve and destroy him. Such is the Grace Light power. Only we need to have faith in him and call him with a respectful and prayful attitude of surrender. Our prayers should be ideally written on a white paper and submit it infront of his photo, after concentrating a minite or two on his two compassionate eyes.

As a practice always keep a picture (preferably the ones, which has the halo of Grace-Light, radiates around his body. You can click on the pictures given below and print it out. Also you can make small photos out of these pictures) with you. If possible, also practice the APJA-Yoga of Food, by taking your daily Vegetarian food after charging it with Grace-Light powers from his photo. This practice will help your body to absorb the Grace-Light power(refer the APJA Grace-Light Yoga Techniques published in this site). For the personal protection against natural calamities like earth quakes, hurricanes etc., an additional powerful practice of APJA- Gayathri Havan has more effective results. The chant of Arut Perum Jyothi mantra (as given hereunder) has the effect of immediately connecting to his power and presence. Even if you can't chant the entire mantra just try to chant or call "Arul Jyothi."
Vallalar's picture as in His radiant body with Grace-Light surrounding it in full
(click and print)

"Arut Perum Jyothi.. Arut Perum Jyothi
Thanip Perum Karunai… Arut Perum Jyothi"

"Vast Grace-Light…. Vast Grace-Light
Supreme Compassion… Vast Grace-Light"


Scenes of people, who met with sudden and tragic death or are affected to suffer by natural disasters anywhere in the world like fire, storms, excessive rain and floods and coastal floods due to stormy seas, earth quakes etc. are seen surrounded by the said Grace-Power of Vallalar so as to console them by unseen divine compassion and also to generate compassion in the general public in order to arrange relief works. Relief-workers from the government agencies and social welfare organizations and the individuals who carry out relief measures are also seen with the same power in the picture of relief-camps. The Grace-power is felt surely if such pictures are seen or touched along with Vallalar's picture as in His radiant body with Grace-Light surrounding it in full.


His two eyes are full of Compassion and Grace-Light. If a prayerful approach or hand-written request is made to him by seeing into his eyes, for an effective prevention of the spread of epidemic diseases, as soon as it comes to be known by its attack in any area, the prayerful request gets fulfilled. He brings rain if a request for rain is made by groups of people during drought, or by a compassionate person.

- Courtesy: Inputs derived from "The Mother-U.N.O.-Vallalar by Sri T.R.Thulasiram
Editor's Note: Years ago, We heard a first-hand account of Vallalar's miracle from Dr. Krishna Menon, F.R.C.S (Edinburgh), Secretary of Sri Aurobindo Circle, Madurai, on how a small photo of Swami Ramalingam, that he kept in his shirt pocket had saved him from a serious accident in Madurai, when the auto rickshaw that he was traveling had capsized with himself thrown out in the middle of the busy road.

Therefore, those who wish to have the protection of the Grace-Light powers of Swami Ramalingam should always keep a small photo(the above picture of Vallalar can be downloaded and printed) in their pockets, purse or vehicle. The Deathless powers of Vallalar will protect from the dangers of natural calamities, accidents and epidemic diseases.

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Great Life of Deathlessness

The world is paying highest tribute on the bicentenary of Charles Darwin’s birth on Feb12, 1809 on the ground that his work was an enormous advancement to the development of science especially in the last 150 years since the publication of his book On the Origin of Species in 1859. Charles Darwin wrote how each new species has arisen by descending with modification from an ancestral species due to natural selection. But Saint Vallalar has declared that god is only the cause for the creation of this universe and he is the cause for the lives inhabiting the universe. Unlike the scientists who have held that the relative universe has got its origin from a singularity which in their opinion was the big bang, Vallalar has held that the singularity is the Almighty itself. Arut Perunjothi Agaval of the Saint written in 1872 is the greatest scientific treatise of the origin of this universe and the cosmic design which govern the lives of all beings. It is manifest from there that the universal life was not projected from any singularity outside the Almighty and it is not a simple evolution through mere chemical reactions and physical processes engineered by nature but consciously designed by the divine will.

“Without grace never an atom vibrates; therefore
Praise good of grace, declared oh truthful Lord”

It is pertinent to note that after 148 years of the publication of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species in 1859, now Dr. Michael J.Behe, has explored the limits of Darwinism in his book The Edge of Evolution (copyright in 2007). The author finds that

“the edge of evolution—the line that defines the border between random and non random mutation—lies far from where Darwin drew it in his description of the mechanisms of mutation and natural selection. Although this is a controversial and stunning result, it fits a general pattern discovered in recent decades by other branches of science. From physics to cosmology to chemistry to biology, life on earth stands revealed as depending upon an endless series of unlikely events. The conclusion is clear: The universe was designed for life.”

Who is the designer of this universe for life? No wonder in anticipation of such a conclusion by the scientific community, years before Albert Einstein has also raised his much celebrated remark that God is not playing dice. Saint Vallalar answers that the designer of this universe is the Almighty and god does play dice.

“On measureless space, beyond thoughtless mind
Reigning as ever rising, Glory of Glowing Grace”

We all know that death is in constant struggle with the drive to life. While death strives to return all organic life to its inorganic condition, the drive to life continues to assemble and integrate the constituent parts into their organic unity. But why should life seek death and death should seek birth. It is for the sake of attaining equilibrium of existence. But Saint Vallalar has taken this world by surprise by his stunning revelation of deathlessness attained by him while he was in bodily existence, not by performing any spiritual discipline or by perfecting his body with any kaya kalpa of the Siddhas but by the glowing grace of the Almighty.

This article has been written in right earnestness to critically analyze and appreciate the truth behind the claim of existence in deathlessness by Vallalar. There is no intention to denigrate any religion or any spiritual tradition. It would be more appropriate to begin this article with the findings of the great Tamil Poet Bharathiyar who sings about the glory of deathlessness in his following verses; Collection of Bharathiyar’s Songs; Song No.

Praising the golden feet of divinity here,
All the truth I have known, I will disclose;
In the end, I too embarked on the same
Mere sayings are they, but not actions;
Is there any death in the state of oneness?
The Siddhas glorified by the elders all,
Extinct they are, died and became dust.

Buddha succumbed to the disease
Sankaracharya, the Brahmin also died
Thereafter, Ramanuja too vanished.

Nailed on the cross, Jesus also died
Krishna breathed last by an arrow of evil
Rama hailed by all too fell into the river
In this world I won’t die, you shall see,
Simple is this truth, I shall not utter lie;
Even in death, I shall not lie to people
Neither there is disease, nor is death;

Shame and grief, anger and falsehood
Fear and desire, if erased out of existence
Then, death shall become extinct there.

But it is irony that the great poet Bharathiyar also succumbed to death at the age of 39; but the question which remains is as to whether the great poet has considered immortality as the continued existence in soul or immortality as thoughts about him when his poetry are read in timelessness.

Saint Vallalar has categorically made two statements;

One statement is for the dead and another statement is for the living;

Statement for the dead declares;

“The coming of the lord is imminent that you who are dead will rise to life”.

Statement for the living declares;

“You need not die. You can live in this world in deathlessness”.

This article is concerned with the second statement of the saint for the living which declares;

“You need not die. You can live in this world in deathlessness”.

What is the meaning of death from the point of view of a philosopher and a spiritual head?

We may recall with respect the statement dated June 2, 1992, made by his Holiness Dalai Lama in his foreword to the much celebrated “Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” by Sogyal Rinpoche;

“Death is a natural part of life, which we will all surely have to face sooner or later. To my mind, there are two ways we can deal with it while we are alive. We can either choose to ignore it or we can confront the prospect of our own death and, by thinking clearly about it, try to minimize the suffering that it can bring. However, in neither of these ways can we actually overcome it.

As a Buddhist, I view death as a normal process, a reality that I accept will occur as long as I remain in this earthly existence. Knowing that I cannot escape it, I see no point in worrying about it. I tend to think of death as being like changing your clothes when they are old and worn out, rather than as some final end. Yet death is unpredictable; we do not know when or how it will take place. So it is only sensible to take certain precautions before it actually happens”.

But on the contrary let us see with what authority Saint Vallalar says that one can live in the great life of deathlessness for ever?

“You need not die. You can live in this world in deathlessness”.

We can still hear the solemn affirmation of the Saint in Thanithiru Alangal song no.146 that he has attained the state of deathlessness;

“These are the words of victory, not words of mere emptiness”

The souls are immortal. Therefore, the question arises as to whether in that sense Vallalar has considered immortality of the soul as deathlessness?

Alchemy transforms the baser metals into precious ones by altering the ratio of the atoms in the respective metals. In the same way the ratio of the atoms may be changed at will to induce some sort of alchemical transformation into the constitution. Whether Vallalar as an alchemist has transformed his constitution into the state of deathlessness?

The body attained by Vallalar is not to be equated with the state of kaya kalpa as glorified by Saint Thirumoolar in “Thirumandhiram “ or with the method as sung by Thiruvalluva Nayanar in the celebrated “Gnana Vettiyan “. Vallalar goes beyond the bodies perfected by the 18 Siddhas as made explicit in the works of “Agasthiyar 12000 “, “Bogar 7000 “and “Kaka Bhujandar 1000 “. In the case of siddhas their bodies were said to have been perfected by a combination of herbal medicines with metallic salts. The 18 Siddhas have prepared the combination of herbal medicine with metals and salts by their yoga siddhi and by which they attained swarupa siddhi –crystallization of body into luminance.

The followers of Babaji, the Maha yogi celebrated for his immortality reported to be still living in the Himalayas, claim that Babaji has been initiated into Kriya yoga by Saint Agasthiya and Saint Bogar. It is history that the direct disciples of Babaji such as in the capacity of Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukhteshwar and Yogananda who have become Masters themselves have been initiated by Babaji himself into the celebrated kriya yoga. In the case of Yogananda, it is reported by his disciples that his body after death did not decompose for twenty one days in the USA. It is not known whether the disciples of Babaji have wilfully cast aside their mortal coils in pursuit of still a higher wisdom probably in the next plane of existence. While in the case of Babaji, it is claimed that the secrets of kriya yoga were taught directly by the Siddhas to Babaji, in the case of Vallalar, the saint has attributed everything which the world wonders at him were gifts of god Himself.

Madame Blavatsky of Theosophical Society when she spoke about the agelessness of her Masters reported that even when she became old, her Master was seen in the same form defying age. But neither the volumes of Secret Doctrine, the magnum opus of Madame Blavatsky nor her great book Isis Unveiled have opened the gates of deathlessness to the world. The volumes of Dr. Annie Besant known for her clairvoyant abilities are also silent as to the existence in a deathless state.

Aurobindo had been living in isolation in his chamber in pursuit of supra mental evolution for twenty years. Mother used to report that even when the doors of the chamber were kept open, lashing rain had never once wet the threshold of the saint living in penance. But when death had embraced Aurobindo, the disciples saw a blue light surrounding the body and his body had not decomposed for three days. The Life Divine, the magnum opus of Aurobindo does not speak about the state of deathlessness. It is claimed by the followers of Aurobindo that the saint always wished to cast away his body.

Many of the saints in this world are reported to have entered into light in the sanctum sanctorum of the Almighty. But there is unanimity that none of such saints have ever been invested with a deathless body prior to integration into Divine Light. How Saint Vallalar alone was in a position to obtain a constitution which has conquered disease, old age and death at one stroke? We may appreciate that only these are the three infirmities considered inevitable in the life of humanity which have evicted Prince Siddhartha from pleasures of the palace into the wilderness of Nirvana as Buddha.

In the song of Great Life of Deathlessness, Vallalar proclaims to the people of this world in the following verse that the knowledge acquired by them is not only a mere illusion and but also a sheer waste as thy are yet to know the truth;

“All that seen were transient, all heard were imperfect
All learnt were falsehood, all enjoyments mere waste
All taken in were dross only, accomplishments incomplete
Oh people of the world you have not yet known truth”;

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis has held that

“the principal task of civilization is to defend us against nature. No one is under the illusion that nature has already been vanquished; and a few dare hope that she ever be entirely subjected to man….The painful riddle of death, against which no medicine has yet been found, nor probably will be. With these forces nature rises up against us, majestic, cruel and inexorable; she brings to our mind once more our weakness and helplessness”.

The entire principle of psychoanalysis is founded on the weakness and helplessness of the humanity against death. Vallalar goes beyond the psychoanalytic principles of Sigmund Freud and holds on the contrary that death only remains weak and helpless before the stride to live in his clarion call to the people of this world towards the great life of deathlessness.

We may see the authority with which the Saint sings in Thanithiru Alangal song no.155 extracted below that by the grace of god, he came to possess an extraordinary constitution which could not be annihilated by anything in this world.

“Neither by air, nor by earth nor by space
Neither by fire nor by water nor by any radiation
Neither by death, nor by disease, by weapons of murder
Neither by planets nor by any murderous perpetrations
Neither by any other measures nor by any kind of time
I prayed for an ever living body; He granted me instantly
Never think of my frame as mean, oh people of this world
Join my father the god, the glory of the glowing grace”.

The certainty with which the saint asserts the truth further in Thanithiru Alangal song no.156, commands literally awe and respect.

“All the worlds are within mine
All the lives have become my soul
All the wisdom have become mine
All the skills have become my skills
All enjoyment have become mine
Almighty, my father in temple divine
Gifted me everything and lives in me”

Now the question looms large as to how it was possible for Saint Vallalar alone to attain that deathless state while in bodily existence?

It is pertinent to note that anyone who seeks to follow the Saint exclusively on the basis of his spiritual wisdom is liable to have only partial vision of the multidimensional personality of the saint. But only those who follow the saint in line with his extraordinary scientific accomplishments understand the message of the saint comprehensively. The Saint is not a mere theoretical physicist, cosmologist, biologist, or a chemist but is the one who has been an adept in the fundamentals of every subject known and still unknown in this world as it is evident from the songs in the Thiru Arutpa. It is true that many a mind have penned the life history of the saint but fewer minds have hardly dwelt on the periphery of the powerful and original scientific thoughts registered in the songs of Thiru Arutpa composed by the Saint. It requires mention here that many of the followers of Vallalar unexposed to the subject of science are unable to identify the pearls of science in the songs of Thiru Arutpa in the first place and appreciate the same in unison with the universal wisdom of the saint. Consequently such followers still reel under darkness as to the other side of the Saint in the capacity as the greatest scientist who has ever dwelt on this earth till date. The quick links provided in this website captioned under the titles “Vallalar, the Scientist” and “Vallalar the Particle Physicist” if gone through, would definitely transport the reader to the scientific wisdom of the Saint.

In the same way anyone who seeks to follow the saint on the path of Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Vaasi yoga, siddha vidhya or yoga in any form, is to miss the feet of Vallalar on the path of truth.

Even the great sage Patanjali who is the exponent of yoga speaks about surrender to god in his Yoga Sutras Section 1—23, Section II –32 and Section II-45. We may appreciate as to why the sage who has glorified yoga in his sutras and held yoga as the supreme path has to talk about surrender to god as an alternative to the path of yoga.

Bhagavat Gita speaks about surrender to god in Slogas 64, 65 and 66Chapter 18. Like Patanjali, Lord Krishna also teaches surrender to god as the secret of the secrets in the realm of yoga. “Renounce all dharmas and take refuge in me”. It stands to reason and our comprehension that when a person takes refuge in the Maker, the glory of the glowing grace, there could not be any speck of wrongful act on his part as he would be living wholly in righteousness and such a life would be experience of soul.

Is there is a religion in this world which is higher than truth? Therefore, according to the saint, surrender to god amounts to living in truth by leaving falsity and exaggeration.

“Ignorant of grace, ignorant of self, never once
Would ever one knows the truth, said so oh Lord

Realm of grace alone is the realm of attainment
Seek the realm of truth for ever, said so oh Lord”

Now we can understand as to why Saint Vallalar always talks about God, the glory of the glowing grace leaving aside Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Vaasi yoga siddha vidhya or yoga in any form. The quintessence of the philosophy of Saint Vallalar is enshrined in these two celebrated songs wherein the Saint denounces all forms of yoga;

“Karpangal pala kodi sella” in song no.55 of “Mahadeva Malai”

“Konatha nilaiyinarai”… in song no.8 of “Kanden Kanindhen kalandhen Enal”

The semblance of surrendering to god should reflect in the speech and actions of the person who claims to have surrendered to god. By surrendering to god one becomes a representative of god and therefore what we consider as the acts of god should at least reflect in the acts of the person who has surrendered to god. Vallalar has declared that he has become the dear child of god not by lineage, not by birth, not by performing austerities and rituals, not by chanting mantras, not by tantras, not by performing yagnas, not by merely receiving dheeksha from a spiritual guru but by living in truth by leaving falsehood and exaggeration. God has been pleased with Vallalar’s existence in truth absolute. The mercy shown by the grace of god to the saint was again radiated back by the saint to other living beings truthfully.

“I have prayed to god not only for the people here but also for all the people of this world. All the people are brothers and they are manifestation of truth of nature divided in space and time. Therefore I am having the right of spiritual unity with all the souls.”

There are two types of saints. One is on the spiritual path for the liberation of his self and when it is attained he leaves the earth. There is another who even after released from the clutches of birth, prefers to come back to this earth to uplift the suffering souls to his attainment. Such souls are never afraid of birth; for them birth does not entail suffering. That is the highest form of Jeeva Karunya that could be exhibited by a soul to another soul. When there is no truth in the relationship between the human beings who have surrendered themselves to god, it does not stand to reason as to how their relationship with god alone could be true? Therefore, not merely by singing the songs of saints glorifying the Almighty could one be granted the boon of deathlessness. The person who cannot adhere to truth by leaving falsity and exaggeration what he is going to achieve in this world by attaining a deathless body? Granting deathless body to such a person would perpetuate not love but death and decay all around him.

It may be appreciated that death has been scientifically defined as the point at which the processes that maintain an organism alive no longer function. In humans it is diagnosed by permanent cessation of the heartbeat; however, the heart can continue beating after a large part of the brain ceases to function. The death of a cell due to external damage or the action of toxic substance is known as necrosis. This must be distinguished from programmed cell death which is a normal part of the development process. The process of cell death occurs naturally as part of the normal development, maintenance and renewal of tissues within an organism. It is called apoptosis which is different from necrosis. Therefore, when the fundamental unit, the cell dies the organism dies and when the organism dies the inevitable occurs.

In order to understand the issue in its right perspective, we may scan the realm of cellular life. It is evident from molecular biology that atoms bond together to create the molecules and molecules bond together to create a cell. Accordingly the human being is constituted by trillions of cells. The most important of the known substances in living matter and without it life would be impossible on our planet is protein. This material has been named as protein, a term derived from the Greek word proteins, meaning first of importance. A cell contains thousands of different proteins, the most abundant class of bio molecules in cell. Because each species of life possesses a chemically distinct group of proteins, millions of different proteins exist in the biological world. The genetic information contained in chromosomes determines the protein composition of an organism and in this manner endows members of species with their macro molecular uniqueness.

The nature of the forces strong as well as weak that give rise to chemical bonds remained a mystery to chemists until the quantum theory of the atom was developed in the 1920s. But the following song no.35 of Thiruvadi Perumai throws light as to how the Saint as a molecular biologist, explains the characteristic reactions as specified above undergoing in the chain of creation within the cellular walls.

Raising flower of pentagon, petals each denser more in mass
Another yet that too bonding with others bearing each other;
Aggregation of forces mightier remain there without dispersing
Sojourn they in that state therein as entities independent;
When idling without motion, with many a method to dismiss
Enduring as light, as space of grace, in the open space of light
Straightened as always constant, the glory of the feet divine
Who is capable here to exemplify, tell me oh my comrade.

In the above song Vallalar has depicted as to what happens in molecular biology. It is manifest that a chemical bond is an attractive force that holds atoms together. Aggregates of definite sizes are called molecules. Atoms joined by chemical bonds, however do not remain together for ever. There also exist forces which breed chemical bonds. By far the most important of these forces arises from heat energy. Collisions with fast moving molecules or atoms can break chemical bonds. During a collision some of the kinetic energy of moving molecule is given up as it pushes apart two bonded atoms. The faster a molecule is moving (the higher the temperature) the greater the probability that upon collision it will break a bond. Hence, as the temperature of collection of molecules increases the stability of their bond decreases. The amount of energy that must be added to break a bond is exactly equal to the amount which was released upon its formation.

Saint Vallalar demonstrates the cause behind the very core of genesis in song no.20 of Thiruvadi Perumai . It is vital to notice that the molecular biological jargons in currency today such as cell, mitosis, meiosis, mutation, genetics, DNA, RNA, mitochondria, chromosome, gene, have not yet arisen on the horizon of human intelligence in those days. Therefore, the different causal terms used in the place of such scientific jargons in the songs of Thiru Arutpa composed by the Saint may not be amenable to objective evaluation of the ordinary follower who is not acquainted with the subject of science. The scientific progress in molecular biology and molecular genetics are underway only recently and we can see the progress rather the evolution of such knowledge such as The Human Genome Project and Human Gene Therapy to wonder at the extraordinary scientific knowledge at the disposal of the Saint who has not acquired any academic excellence from any university.

Creation is one; smaller than the smallest particle subatomic
Is causal core conceived; smaller than that conceived core
Is the sprouting star; much smaller than that star is the moon,
More minute than moon is heat radiant; within that radiance
Sprouting force more micro than the most minuscule below
Trillions below the millions; within temple of divine sanctum
The lord dancing in grace, my master, the glory of his grace
Who can ever speak, never would you know ever my maid.

It is a question as to whether such a soul which has ploughed so deep into the recesses of creation which the present day scientific community is yet to know, would not have tasted the elixir of immortality.

We repeatedly hear Vallalar who proclaims to this world;

“Neither shall I utter falsehood, nor do I exaggerate but utter truth”

Deathlessness could hardly be appreciated by the human being who is incapacitated by his preoccupation with worldly affairs. It is like seeing the signals telecast or broadcast without a television or a radio. In other words, it can be understood only by the person who has crossed to the other shore; those who are living in the experience of the soul which in the opinion of Vallalar is the great life of excellence. There is a difference between seeing objects spanning outside us and seeing our own body in an out -of -body state. The mirror concept which the saint practiced within the closed doors is not staring at ones own eyes in the mirror but to see ones own body in an astral projection. We may appreciate that in the Vinnappa Kalivenba, the Saint has recorded songs glorifying the Kailash Mansarovar and the Kedarnath shrines in the Himalayan region and Thirukona Malai and Thirkkedheecharam in Sri Lanka among other more than 200 temples which the Saint has not visited physically. In that astral state, Vallalar has held that the receipt of revelation and understanding are much more than we ordinarily achieve in a physical state.

It is history that people thronged to the Saint for material benefits of the world. Instead of exploring the ways to experience the great life of existence in soul, they actually started to deify Vallalar himself as god as the saint was in possession of certain miraculous siddhies at his hand by the glory of the glowing grace. But the proximity of the saint was hardly approached for attaining the experience of the greatness of the soul, the life of excellence as repeatedly advocated by the Saint to his followers. Under such conditions Vallalar has come to the conclusion that his walking on earth with such a noble constitution was rendered useless to uplift the masses on the path of truth. Therefore, Vallalar on his own has considered it necessary to disintegrate the divine constitution and disperse the sparks in every soul as seeds are sown in the fields. In that sense, the dematerialization of the Tibetan Monks and the one engineered by the Vallalar are poles apart and therefore, could not be compared at all.

When the saint closed the doors on 30.1.1874, it was evident that the saint has come in advance of a century before the evolution of the human psyche to a required level to receive the message of great life of experience of soul. Instead of spreading wisdom under one bodhi tree, the saint has planted the entire universe full of bodhi saplings. The dematerialization achieved by the Saint Vallalar on 30.1.1874 within the four walls of Siddhi Valakam is different in its entirety from the art of dematerialization practiced in other spiritual traditions. Dematerialization of a deathless body is different from that of the dematerialization of the mortal body exposed to disease and death. The art of dematerialization within some spiritual traditions and religions achieved on the siddhies by control of the mind should not be equated with that of the discipline achieved on the plane of soul. Moreover, dematerialization attained by Vallalar is not in furtherance of any worldly gains, not pursued for the welfare of the self or for the people of any particular place but for the people of this world. His dematerialization of the physical body is not for re-materialization but to disintegrate his whole being permanently like the virtual particles which fill the cosmos. Therefore, in the case of dematerialization the technique with the saint was far ahead and distinctly different from the one practiced by the Buddhist monks. They actually assist ailing and ageing persons to die and not to live as it is evident from the words of his Holiness Dalai Lama.

In the deepest contemplation within the recesses of the stilled mind it is revealed that Saint Vallalar was walking in flesh and blood only just like any human being prior to 30.1.1874. The body of Vallalar was cocooned by an atmosphere in miniature. Just as the child within the womb of the mother is protected from chronic diseases of the mother by a layer of stem cells, so also within the atmosphere itself another atmosphere in miniature is created. It means within a radius of some distance it encircled the body of the saint. The saint was literally moving within the unseen capsule unaffected by the atmospheric fluctuations. The cells in his body do not experience any energy loss and they remain as they are till posterity. Just as a Black Hole in the galaxy is a house of the dead star which is distinctly different from both physical chemical conditions distinct from the space immediately surrounding it, so also the Life Whole in which the body of Vallalar was protected against death and decay, defied the physical laws applicable to humanity as such. It becomes a Life Whole where like a gene, the body is protected from disease and aging. It is like defying gravity on the earth within a simulator installed within the precincts of NASA. Cellular life was replaced by subatomic life where the energy supply is constant in quantum jumps.

Albert Einstein said that God is not playing dice. But Vallalar has demonstrated with certainty that he is playing dice in association with god.

The advice of the saint to the followers in the following lines made on 22.10.1873 more than a century before, has not faded into the void of insignificance but still resonates with all intensity within our souls:

"You all inquire into the state of our existence and the state of god who governs us. Such inquiry is not concerned with any mundane affairs but concerned with the state of spirituality. The veils which cover the soul should be removed by a thoughtful meditation on god which need not be resorted to in caves in the mountainous jungles but could be achieved where we are, by intense contemplation on god”.

Let us Be Hungry to Be Truthful

Let us Be Alone in Truth by Leaving Falsity

Let us Be Wakeful Never to Exaggerate