Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Lance of Kundalini - The Vel

This ancient divine poetry of a Siddhar has many layers of deeper meanings in it. In the natha/siddhar traditions is the Primal Guru who enables transform the mind and body, called in many names, a few of them being - Skanda, Muruga, Arumuga, Karthik, Vadivel. Depicted in the dimension of six, it also refers to the Kundalini ascendance that is shaped as a lance, "Vadivel".

These sacred words of the Siddhar are from a journey into light, journeying beyond enlightment. The meanings varies from person to person, and moment to moment- as the cosmic 'mind' of the Siddhars wish us to perceive.

Enjoy the ancient transforming energy!

The Lance of Kundalin! ~ Wisdom of the Primal Guru (Subramanium Gnanam)

Realms of the Moon and the Sun with the awakened Kundalini.

Panamendra madhiamirtha panam kolla The concoction that is the elixir that flows from the moon (moon sphere, the Chandra mandala that exists above the forehead) when partaken Beyond the still moon mind the elixir of divine nectar flows get drunk! (In the depth of meditation, our energies shift as our breath shifts to the left, we are in the realms of the moon, with the mind radiant from absorbing the Divine and rejuvenating energy)

ParaBrahmamana suli-vallhium kaati

Shows the path to the Sushumna which is the Primal Lord and the Infinite Absolute as the Sushumna, the golden ascending lance of the Kundalini, guides us to light!

Thanmendra adhara meladharam

The Chakra that is a gift, being the upper-chakra (Sahasra)

The Divine Grace of this journey is the awakening of the higher chakra, the Sahasrara, the thousand petals of realization! (When the thousand petals of the crown chakra blossoms, realization (mukthi) is attained)

Thanai ariyum pranaya-sangai solli

It tells of the sound Aum which helps in self, revelation Within is the ancient resonance of AUM that is understood with self relization!

Jnanam endra nilai kaati moolam kaati

It shows the state of Wisdom and points out the Muladhra (moolamroot) chakra The foundation of wisdom is revealed and the Source through the Muladhara (the base chakra) is revealed!

Nadhanta arumuha nilaiyum kaati

It shows the state of the six-faces ArumuhamLord Muruga and the six chakras which are symbolically termed as the six Padai Veedu of Muruga also) of Nadhanta The realms of the Sixth Dimension, the divine, wisdom beyond the five senses, is revealed! The Six Dimension is the Primal Guru of Light born through the Third Eye. (He is called Muruga, Karthik, Arumugha. Sages worship Babaji as a form of Muruga)

Mounam endra Vadivaelin munayum kaati

It shows silence (stillness) which is the tip (munai) of Lord Muruga (Vadivel)

The wisdom beyond silence is realizing the perfecting tip that is the presence of the Primal Guru who is form the Kundalini lance!

Munai arindhu kalai niruthhi mudivil nillae

Realizing the tip, stopping the rays of Live (Chandra, Surya, Agni Kalai in Kevala-kumbaka) stand the end (Turiyatita-end of Turiya). Realizing this penecing tip and retaining the Light within is the ascenda into the Turiya, the divine consciousness of the name that has transcended into yogic union!


"Jothi Worship Some call it as worship of Jothi" Since Jothi itself is not God and as it is only a symbol God we should always refer the worship as only worship of the Almighty God "Arut Perumjothi" we keep it as a symbol and we pray to the Almighty Perumjothi', we keep it as a symbol and we pray to the Almighty - Divine Light.

Arutperumjothi who is prevanding everywhere and is pervading in us in a more perceivable manner.