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This herbs can be taken as a complement diet. I recommend one teaspoon in
the morning and evening mixed with honey. The honey will give more power and
life to the herb. As you mixt the two chant Arutperum Jothi mantra and ask
the 'Divine Ambrosia to be manifest in the medicine.


Centrella asiatica, apiaceae, leaf whit a potent power in a shape of the brain.

Lessens tiredness, takes away all sorts of skin problem, reinforces the immunity, cure leprosy, kidneys inflammation, diminishes swelling, blood tumor purifies the body truth sweat.

Vata, khapa

Reinforces the brain, develops the power of memory, reinforces the nerves, augments the body calories, makes the sperms dense.

Calms the mind, depression, reduces sexual desire.

Helps to transform the sexual energies toward spirituality, rejuvenates the cells in light and life, augements the power of kundalini and open the channels, develops clarity of mind and intuition, helps for long meditation.



Solamum trilobatum solanaceae: The leave which purifies the pores.

Takes away all phlegm and mucus, purifies blood, calms hyper sensibility, takes away pain, regularizes nervous agitation and anxiety, takes away the beginning symptoms of cances, typhoid,fever, trembling fever, asthma, neutralizes vata and kapha.

Develop the tissues, straightens body and mind, gives sexual power, purifies through the elimination of excrement, straightnes the heart, give a nice face.

Gives contentment and joy, develops listening capacities, develops the intelligence, controls anger.

Gives a shining and attractive face, increase the perception of the five senses and spiritual discernment, opens the chakras, brings good meditation, helps to rise the seven veils, increases spiritual studies, increases the knowledge of the higher self.


Oxatiscroniculate, oxalidaceae; leves with an acid taste.

Pitta Bile, removes all deficiencies, reduces all heat and type of poision toxin, reduces weight, removes allergy from food and gives good taste and appetite, jaundice, increases blood, removes anemia, giardia a, blood in the excrement, overbleeding menstruation, reduces hight blood pressure, reducesmind confusion, cools the body and calms the mind, heart attack good breath.

Strengthens the body, neutralizes the heat coming from muladara chakra, develops the sense, bring rejuvenation and reduces gray hair.

Gives power of speech, strengthness the mind.

Strengthens the subtle bodies, helps the secretion of all types of ambrosia.


KARISALAI (ECLIPTA ALBA) Eclipta alba, eclipta procena, golder flower.

All kind of disease, purifies blood, controls cholesterol, removes bile and phlegm, removes weakness of the body and debility of the mind, diabetes neutralizes vata, pita, khapa, liver disease, jaundice with the body who swell.

Transformation toward golden body.

Increase mental light power, peacefulness, builds up spiritual heat to help control excessive anger and sexual energies.

Increase soul light power

*Ponnam kanni*

Alternanthera sessilisl; see the body as gold.

All kinds of eye disease, body and stomach pain, all impure heat coming from hatha yoga, purgative, digestion, inflation and itching of the skin, fire burns, blood going through urine, menstrual pain, removes toxins from deep tissues and nerve

Gives golder color body, brings worldly mundane prosperity

Motherly kindness, gentleness

Body transformation.


Plantain root, the perfect kaya kalpa, hight growing, the divine tree of suddha sanmarga.

All deficiencies, Peayan as no limit in his affect, cures the most affected pshychic trouble, the jus of the root clear passage of the esophagi, dissolves kidneys stone, the flower regulates semen and white discharge good for making red oxide, removes all kind of poison (venin, radiation..,) small pot.

Develops physical attraction, augments digestion and purgation, and regulates the prana, constructive power.

Softens the mind and excess stimulation, motherly aspect, loveliness, liveliness

Contain ozone power, ambrosial effect, open chakras, good intelligence and creative power, some grace light in itself, connected to rudra heart, center, control ,causal heat. Protects from all evils, Symbol of eternity.

What are the four margams

Sanmargam is composed from the four arts or discipline

1. SIRIYA : The art of divine service in daily life.

2. KIRIYAI: The art to perform Divine devotion or prayer, feeding the poor who have nothing
is another form of action.

3. YOGAM: The are of the truth path of communication or yoga is to live in a good and
excellent way.

4. GNAANAM: The art of the truth path of wisdom is to live absolute felicity while anchoring
into the inner light with the Divine grace presence, this is true knowledge.

*In the presence of Divine Grace.*

Then it is important that to arrive at the level of Suddha Sanmargam it is necessary to pass 12 levels of experiences which include the first three levels of experience described below. These three levels are each time associated to the four art described above, 3 times 4 equal 12. They result is to attain the 4th level Saayuchiyam, the integrate union with god..

The four levels of experience

1. SAALOKAM - Live in god world.

2. SAAMIPAM - Live near god.

3. SAARUPAM - Live in the self consciousness that we are the same as god.

4. SAAYUCHIYAM - Reach the united union and the unity with god.

The united union refers to the inner divinity realization: saarupam.

This is union must be associated with the outer god. Saayuchiyam the believe in the Divine Godhead or a higher force which induces the decent of grace. Anchor in the physical body.

We have the four levels of experience that are combining with the four Margams.

The four Margams are:

1. Dhaasamargam
2. Satputhramaragam
3. Sahamargam
4. Sanmargam

We can compare the meaning of the four Margams in the Indian tradition:

1. Become the servant of God.
2. Become the son of God
3. Become the friend of God
4. Become god himself

Vallalar gives this meaning to the four Margams

1. Become the servant of all living creatures
2. Becomes the son of all living creatures
3. Consider all living creatures as your friends and same for the opposite
4. Consider the life of all creatures as your life

In each Margam we have the four arts, 4 times 4 eaual 16 types of experience or levels of evolution.

For example in Sanmargam we have the art of Sariya, Kiriya, Yogam and Gnaam, It is the same for the other three Margams.



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