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Omnigracious Infinite Light.

Dindigul Swami Saravanananda

Grace revelation of VADALUR RAMALINGA SWAMIGAL to fill the universe with Grace and true Wisdom that emanates from Sanctum Sanctorum of SATHYA GNANA SABAI; and to spread for ever from its grand reopening day 19.6.1977.
OMNIGRACE is the Supreme attribute of God, expressing out from the innermost and spreading out to form into all the material, physical, vital, mental, intellectual, spiritual and gracious stages in the universe. This functioning is the outcome of that Divine Infinite Light. This Light of Eternal Self Existence is not to be sensed by the ordinary knowledge of man; but it can be realized and practically experienced by the perfect gracious knowledge of a soul, who will realize that he is that Divine grace itself, and acknowledge its Light as his life and body. Thus One Supreme Grace-light alone is eternally expressing itself in the universe for the purpose of bringing out the never ending Blissful life in the form of perfect man.
At present, the man is in the penultimate stage in which he is undergoing all kinds of pleasant and painful experiences in the passing world. In his Divine Life stage, the man tastes the existence of All Powerful Soul-God, and from there, he gets bestowed with a good amount of Divine Gracious power to enjoy and live the Blessed life for an appointed time; and finally he vanishes from the worldly stage. This was thought to be Moksha or merging in God. No other end was contemplated or realized by any person on this earth till now. Nor was there any exception for anyone to live here eternally. But now, by His Omnigracious ordainment, that eternal Divinity itself has come out to live in the form of Arutprakasa Vallalar.
Saint Ramalingam – the Real man, has found himself nothing but inner Divine light itself and he lives from that higher plan extending that Light throughout his whole being. Thus that Divine Gracious Light of God has come to occupy in the being of the Saint, finally to make him Arutprakasa Vallalar (meaning the All-giver of gracious Light Being). This highest Omnigracious achievement is new to the whole humanity. Now the end or the Goal of the man is found indeed endless life, as that of God Almighty. We see here, the first two letters of God and Almighty are taken to represent the word “ GOAL’.
This indicates and confirms that it is only Omnigracious Light of God Almighty which is taking step by step possession of human being transformed or metamorphosed into the Eternal Divine Being – the Goal.
(True temple of Wisdom)
To attain the deathless blissful life, the whole humanity is directed towards the Omnigracious Divine Light, set up in the True Temple of wisdom. Our Vadalur Sathya Gnana Sabai represents this Inner Temple of True Wisdom and its closely connected environments are Dharmasalai or charitable free food feeding institution and a centre to propagate the lessons of Gracious Divine culture. Without interruption, this physical life’s sustenance work alone is going on through the Dharmasalai, while on the other hand, the Soul education centre is not functioning as proposed by the Swamigal. In the absence of real Soul knowledge the worship in Wisdom Temple is not as designed by our Vallalar.
The truth of this Temple is barely based upon the Divine Soul kept aglow in man himself. The omnipresent omnigracious Light has instantly exposed itself in the form of a Soul-atom at the beginning of the human embryonic creation. This Divine Soul Light is kept glowing from the inner centre of the head, till the life force exists in a person. From this Light, all our energy, knowledge and power are evolved to enable us to live on this earth. Only when this Divine Light comes to fill and take full charge in the being of man, the Eternal Blissful Life could be realized. This blessed realization is intended to each and every person who is born here.
Therefore every person is cordially invited to this Temple of Wisdom for attaining the everlasting blessed life.
Generally, people are living a sensuous physical life in this world. In order to transcend to the higher life of Divinity, a person must pass on the gross and subtle bodily stages and take shelter in the soul-abode or causal bodily stage. These above three stages are embodied in the symbolic Wisdom Temple of Vadalur. The practical experience of this Temple is to be realizable only at the head level. The first stage of living gross body of eight spans is represented by the octagonal structure of the Temple surrounded by iron-chain fencing. The second subtle bodily stage is denoted by the inner octagonal space covered with the walls having twenty four openings of doors and windows. And the third stage of causal body is with the Divine Light put upon the central Altar with five steps on each of the four sides. At the time of worship, one is to stand before the central spot of the main door from where he can perceive the Divine Light in front of him and from there he can see the golden and silver apartments on either side of him. All these are to enlighten the inner Divinity to be experienced from the centre of the eye-brows.
When an aspirant progresses in the path of Divine grace, he gets enlightenment step by step, on the whole in seven stages. These are exhibited by seven coloured curtains hiding the inner Divine Light glowing above the Medulla oblongata which is set up as a small closed chamber with an Altar above. In the course of inner progress, we have to move inwardly from the root of the nose as an external practice, and we have to rise up from the inner chamber by meditational practice. At the time of full gracious achievement, we will experience ourselves as the Inner Divine Light itself. This is the Light through which the Omnipresent God Almighty is coming to be experienced as our realized Being. Thus this is the truest Wisdom Temple of everyone for obtaining Eternal Blissful Life. Without knowing this Divine Truth and renewing the life of grace from the Innermost, no amount of religious, cultural, yogic, scientific or any other means can raise the humanity to the Divinity of Blessed Blissful Life.

A call to the whole mankind.
Oh, you the Divine Souls ! Living anywhere in any different walk of life, you are all cordially invited to this True Temple of Wisdom from where alone, you can get real solace and Bliss. Indeed a compassionate life without sensuous carnal desire and hatred must issue from our Divine Selves or individual Soul itself. There must be no hindrance by way of laws or religious criteria in extending our pure loving service to the whole mankind. Ignorance of the real Omnigracious Divinity was still now holding the whole humanity under delusion; and so the amalgamation into one world community was not practicable. From this moment, the guiding Light of Omnigrace is spreading from the soul of everybody. Hence, surely the Divine Blessed Life will come to abide by or stay on this world in the near future. May the Omnigracious Infinite Light bring peace, prosperity and Bliss to the mankind at large.

Divine Life of Daeiou:
A new-divine life is to spread out from the Wisdom Temple itself. Because God-Almighty in the form of our individual Soul-self is ruling both our miniature universe, the bodily being and the whole of the boundless greater universe, that the life we live along with Him is really Divine. From the Innermost He is commanding five basic forces of material atoms, vital energies, intellectual knowledge, omnwsoul powers and the universal Blissful Life. As we are really, existing with Him in non dualistic state, our Divine Life too must be in consonance with His One. To implement such a Divine Life we have gained entrance or rather we have an understanding of our existence in the soul Temple itself. From here, let us extend our thoughts, words, and deeds to the enlightenment of everybody approaching us for the upliftment.
Now we are shining from Wisdom Temple and our life is spreading with Penta-power to fill Blissfully. This Divine Light Life’s representation is described thus:


Here the Divinity is based upon a flower of jat[ - D A E I O U, from the centre of which is rising omnigracious power SAKTHI. The ‘I’ of the Sakthi is formed into the shape of a flame. From this light of the penta powers of Porul, Kiriya, Gnana, Yoga and Arul are spreading around to produce in the universe all Atoms, Energies, Intelligence, Omni-Soul power and Universal Blissfully Life of God-man. We see the Divine Light of DAEIOU is diverging from the centre of the up-turned D, with five forces representing five words or phrases begun with five English vowels respectively. Vowel we know is the life force of the alphabet while the consonant denotes the body form. Thus by this DAEIOU realization, the Eternal Blessed life of Bliss is completely exposed in this symbolic figure.
This newly coined six lettered word DAEIOU is pronounced as Dayavu. When we commence our new life from the Wisdom Temple, the expression of Daeiou is implemented through thoughts, words and deeds. DA – j ? worked from spiritual soul centre, EI – a ? used spreads from the heart centre, and OU – t[ ? serves out externally through the physical body. Without clinging to the sensuous desire and hatred, we have to divulge our Daeiou to fellow beings, in due course of such a service all the Divine forces will come gradually to fill and transform our whole being so as to make our life Blissful and Eternal. Thus the Divine Life of Bliss is to be achieved by the whole humanity through the realization of Arutperunjothi in the Temple of Wisdom enabling all to live from the Inner Temple, itself.
This Bliss-giving life is a must to the whole mankind. And this is neither a religious nor an irreligious life nor even a material or spiritual life of the revered rishis and saints of yore. So, no one should take this as a challenge to their present life. Without any prejudice and religious chauvinism and casteism, every one is to extend his ‘DAEIOU’ life from the Divine centre in himself. When the life blossoms from the Innermost, all the truth will come to light which will aid and guide the humanity to make the life completely Blissful !
Let this serve to bring out the real happy life for one and all. Though this has come to enlighten you from the external source, truly, this, you must see ever working from the Innermost of everyone of yourselves. There is nobody and there is nothing except One Supreme God Almighty of Daeiou expressing out fully well in every perfect man of that Daeiou life. Let this goal of Daeiou life be achieved through the munificence of the Omnigrace by one and

Content Ref: Omnigracious Intinite Light Book



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