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The Golden Immortal Body is a form of Pure Divine Light that it is not possible to perceive by senses, though it has infinite number of manifestations, like supporting a physical appearance that allows staying in contact with other human beings. Some of the contemporary disciples who had occasion to see Ramalinga, described several of the exceptional qualities that they observed in him, but they seemed to be more interested in the miracles he was doing that in going so far as to be themselves fully participants of his Divine Nature.

In the last stage of his life, Ramalinga often stayed away for days insisting on nobody should watch over him not even go in search of him. Though in this way he was clearly indicating that disciples not have to be attached to his physical appearance, none of them understood that Ramalinga was not travelling but simply he was adopting the form no visible of the Golden Body, in order to manifest more widely among them. Finally, on having noticed that neither they were changing their attitude nor understanding the Truth, Ramalinga did not find reasons for keeping on support his physical appearance.

None of his traditional disciples have been able to achieve the Golden Immortal Body, because by his Dematerialization Ramalinga made the Truth to remain completely veiled. It has been in that way until Ramalinga himself, after opening the new Path of Grace Light at the present time, has revealed to his actual disciples the secret aspects of his process of Transformation, some of whose keys are explained in next lines.

The God's Hug

Ramalinga realized the Golden Immortal Body few years before his Dematerialization. Even before having reached the plenitude of that state it may be said that he had already achieved it, so there is no return after having started the process of merging with the Divinity. It is needed to understand that only the Divine Compassion could keep him in the physical level, since it is so extremely strong the desire of absorption in the Totality that uniquely the self can remain here (in the Earth) for Love to all the other beings. In fact there have been Masters who have abandoned the earthly level, either just at the time of reaching the Golden Body or previously to realize it, and only Ramalinga remained in the proximity of thousands persons for years (in verifiable way).

The process to the achievement of Golden Body started with what Ramalinga called “the God's Hug”, which was the descent of the Grace Light to his heart. In return for the infinite Divine Love, Ramalinga surrendered himself fully to become the way through which the Light should manifest widely on the Earth, coming to all the beings. As a result of it, Grace Light would reside forever in his heart and transform his physical body into a Body of Light, free from pain, illness and death.

Thus it is confirmed that the way of heart is the path that leads to the achievement of Golden Body. The way of middle-eyebrow is the path of the yogis but it does not lead to realize this Goal, contrary to what some people have come affirming for more than one century, nor leads to this Goal the way of knowledge, which is the path of the wise.

The Internal Guidance, source of true Knowledge and self-Power

The initial steps of his process were not experienced by Ramalinga for himself, but for creating a Way that others could follow. Thus he lived through some class of experiences without really needing it for himself, but only in order to others should take it as an example and comprehend that it is possible to go out from darkness and ignorance by means of self-surrendering to the Grace. Thus it is affirmed that his process would have been very much short, since he was born firmly disposed and well prepared to achieve the Golden Body. And also it is affirmed that his initial join to Hinduism had the exclusive purpose to set a clear precedent of realizing that those and other spiritual practices and faiths are not necessary and must be left away.

Though initially Ramalinga found inspiration in the life of some Saints, alone God was who directed him along the right way by means of the Internal Guidance. And Ramalinga himself has arranged that the Truth preserves intact and only it may be completely known by means of his Internal Guidance. Because of the threat that for the most of people is the proliferation of false masters unscrupulous, Ramalinga wrote about his process of Transformation, but he did it in symbolic manner and always talking about completed stages. To silence the details was necessary in order to prevent anyone from making a bad use of his words to cheat on others, feigning to have reached an achievement that have not truly realized.

Ramalinga did not aspire to enjoy divine powers, but there were large number of siddhis manifested through his Golden Body in natural way, being even larger the number of those powers he was enjoying due to his full Union with the Supreme Lord. He did not obtain these siddhis by means of secret practices but they were granted him directly by the Grace Light. This is also one of the most important keys, as well as the fact of he always exercised these siddhis to benefit other beings and never for his own well. There will never go so far as to realize the Golden Immortal Body those who only aspire to enjoy the divine powers and do not doubt in resorting to manipulate and extort other people in order to achieve their aims.

The Flame ever burning without combustible

Ramalinga was accustomed to meditate with two fires to the sides. The proximity of so intense source of heat, for so long periods, would be hardly bearable for another human being. Nevertheless Ramalinga had control over the Fire, which was already demonstrated when he made lamps to burn without oil. Sun is also related with Fire, and there was seen in several occasions by many eye-witnesses how a column of Light was linking Ramalinga with the sun. It may happen that an element of the matter is a particular allied when the Divine Light manifests through someone, and that element has an intense activity when this manifestation of the Light is extensive (thunderstorms, gales, earthquakes, etc). Thus the function of the fires was to indicate the Divine Presence, at the same time that to collaborate with the Divine Power in the physical level.

There are those who recommend practices of Kundalini as a way to achieve the Golden Body, but it is the truth that both processes are completely different and have no relation at all. Kundalini is a process of transmutation but also of destruction, which generates very high heat in the body. The Grace Light transmutes but does not destroy, and does not generate heat but cold that may get to be very intense. The well known qualities of the Fire and the Sun must not be confused with the exclusive qualities of the Golden Body. The cold internally generated makes someone to bear very high temperatures without sweating, as well as the vital constants to remain being similar to the characteristic constants of hibernation (low cardiac and respiratory rhythm, etc), where the vital fluids change their density. In those conditions the brain works in an altered state of consciousness, which is to some extent similar to lucid dreaming. Several times Ramalinga spoke about those peculiarities, and some of them could be directly observed in him by his contemporary disciples.

On having realized the Golden Body, Ramalinga turned into the living Jothi, the embodiment of the Divine Flame. The external jothi (lamp of oil) requires fuel for burning and there is a matter (wick) that turns out to be destroyed. The Grace Light is the Divine Flame ever burning without combustible, which does not generate heat neither damages nor destroys, therefore its Nature is very superior to that of the external jothi, and it cannot be seen nor understood by means of continually keep a jothi burning, in order to contemplate and venerate it. Those who recommend this practice have not understood the true Message of Ramalinga, and have distorted his words. The external jothi scarcely gives light to a small space around, whereas the living Jothi illuminates the whole world. This is the fundamental mission of the achievement of Golden Immortal Body.

About feeding

The Grace Light is also the Pure Nectar that runs incessantly from the Divine Source of Life. Along his process of Transformation, Ramalinga tasted different types of nectar, being the fifth Nectar the one which would turn into his sole feeding. The Golden Immortal Body, in its most pure form, exists only by the Grace Light (as Nectar) and not by eating perishable food.

Nevertheless the coexistence with other human beings required that for some time Ramalinga kept on eating certain class of food, in frugal way. Along the process of Transformation only it can be taken vegetable food, which must be right cooked and consumed in suitable circumstances. From the time when the Divine Nectar starts to run, as it is more and more abundant lower is the need of eating, not only because of the diminishing of hunger and liking for food, but also due to the fact of the large amount of energy used in digestion disturbs the internal Balance, which also turns out to be affected by the assimilation of nutrients.

In this sense, the diet plan followed by Ramalinga does not have to be strictly followed by others, since it does not involve to progress rapid more in the process of Golden Body. This process must always be carried on individualized way, in accordance with the guidelines of the Internal Guidance, not only because of the physical and energy state of every person is different, but also due to particular external factors that must be kept in mind additionally.

About sleeping

In this sense, at present time Ramalinga has revealed that, along the process of Golden Body, in order to realize certain transformations it is required that one’s own conscience goes out from the body to be temporarily taken in the bosom of Pure Grace Light (unattainable from astral spheres). It is conducive to the self may have a more complete evolution out of the limitations of physical matter. Everything what may have taken place without the witnessing of mind, is not registered by memory, nevertheless when conscience comes back the being participates wholly in the development that has taken place, not only the physical body but also the spiritual and the energy body. The lasting of those absences is designed by Grace Light and does not depend on the individual will (which remains annulled), going from few minutes to several hours.

According to there is increasing the wish for experiencing continuously the Bliss of the Divine Presence, oneself understands that the sleep time interrupts the enjoyment of so grand Happiness, because the sleep (in the most) is only a middle state in which the subconscious comes to the surface, and links with the most instinctive and ancestral tendencies, within domains of darkness and ignorance. What takes body and mind to recover from daily wear and tear is only a short portion of the sleep time, called deep dream. Anyone who is capable of reaching rapidly the state of deep dream, is able to do without the remaining sleep time, therefore he needs to sleep very short time. But although the experiences that take place during the deep dream (which are not registered by memory) are refreshing, the true Transformation only may occur by means of the experiences that take place by the Grace Light.

The creation

Finally it is very important to focus on the maximum exponent of the culmination of Golden Body, which is the aptitude to create by means of the Light. The legacy that Ramalinga gave to us goes much further of a wide number of poems. He closed the temple he built and also the first path he opened, but before his Dematerialization he talked about a New Earth of Light, described his inhabitants and defined how the life would be there, and at the same time he was doing it he was creating this World of Grace as reflection of himself, since on having been One with God he was enjoying fully the creative Power of Divine Word. Every most splendid qualities of the Golden Immortal Body prevail over this Earth of Grace, since Ramalinga reigns over it from one to another side, because in the bosom of the Divine Light does not exist difference between the Creator and the Creation.

A second way (Path of Grace Light) has been opened at present time to make the Golden Body accessible to others, and make the New Earth of Light to manifest definitively at the level of the visible world.


“All the bones having become soft, all the tendons having lost their grip on the body system / The entire blood having congealed inside, the semen and sexual fluids having ascended to the chest and condensed into a supra-energy form / The cerebral hemispheres having expanded same as a flower blossoms, the delightful elixir (nectar) having flowed throughout the body system and filled it up / The whole body having become cool, the respiration having turned into imperceptible / Arising from my heart to blossom all souls, Oh my unique love! / Oh my unique love! By giving yourself to me, you have transmuted me through the Compassionate Light / Oh my unique love! You have brimmed in me as the cool ambrosial fare (nectar)”.

(Ramalinga - Arut Perunjothi Agaval)


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