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“The Father gave me the Amrita that has filled with Bliss my heart, with the sweetness of a mature fruit. He has transmuted my weak body into an indestructible Body of Truth, praised by the seven levels of the existence. He has given me all the Power of the Perfect Divine Action to perfom miraculous acts. He has moved me to realize the Infinite Bliss here and now. I feel captivated by the True Knowledge that has given me so exceptional Qualities and it is my more fervent desire that all those who have a human body (which is so difficult to obtain) also can achieve this. This Passion that overcomes me may serve them as Guide!”. This poem written by Ramalinga is a faithful reflex of his ardent desire to make accessible to the whole Humanity what He had managed to realize in himself, by the Grace Light. Next it is offered a short description of the process lived by Ramalinga, as well as certain recommendations given to his disciples while He was in the physical plane.

Ramalinga longed for to be blessed with a body free from the influence of planets, which could not be destroyed by the elements of Nature, death, illness, etc. The Grace of Supreme Love transformed him, who was endowed with a divine body, therefore only the Eternal Grace Light is capable of converting this human body in a Body of Light. Uniquely the Principle of the Light may liberate this body from decadence. This Principle has two important aspects: PAROPAKARAM (universal respect for life) and SATVICHARAM (devotional meditation); if one is capable to be adhered to the first aspect the Grace descends on him easily.

All the beings are manifestations of God and a portion of Grace Light. Therefore, manifesting love and compassion toward all the creatures the Universal Communion can be achieved and by means of it the Divine Grace will descend in Light form; allow oneself to be overcome by this Universal Love and Spiritual Communion is the true sadhana.

Likewise the God's Love increases by the ardent Devotion to God. The constant thought on God and petition for his Grace gradually enriches the devout with sparks of Eternal Light, generating a mild heat in the body that increases gradually and cannot be tested with clinical thermometer. Without knowing this secret, many yogis passed for severe penances and meditated for many years seeking this Fire to arise in them.

As the spiritual Communion and the sacred Fire increase more and more, the disciple's body and soul go being prepared to receive the God's Grace. Its descent in Light form may happen in different ways. The divine rays of Grace penetrate the eyes, the mind and the intellect. As a result of this an Alchemy transformation takes place, in such a way that the impure particles of physical body are purified in a Body of Love.

Ramalinga passed through various stages of transmutation until the time when the Divinity gave him a Flower of luminous and intense red color, the first guarantee of his body would be Immortal. This rapid process affected as much his soul as his physical body and was attainable when the Divine Grace crowned with Light his head avoiding him the effort of elevating himself to the Self and descending from. Ramalinga said that the key of his Transformation was that the Supreme One embraced him and by means of this Hug left printed in his body the Golden Immortal Form of His Body itself.

The type of Dematerialization by which Ramalinga's body disappeared also happened with Manickavasagar; in both cases there was not any desire of returning to be born. Nevertheless, his is the first case known in which the Immortality of the body was reached before the dematerialization occurs, living for one year more. The Inmortal body isn't subjected to the temporary nature of the Elements, neither to the illness nor to planetary influences, not being able the weapons to cause it wounds not even damage the violent actions; its causal Nature is beyond the time restriction, having been totally penetrated by the Most supreme Power of Maha Shakti in all levels, therefore the life is maintained in this body by own express wish. Besides in Ramalinga existed the desire for manifesting himself again (after dematerialization) in a self-created Body to realize divine miracles on Earth and be able to enter into all the physical bodies, into the atmosphere, into the nature, inro the collective unconsciousness, ... giving universal care and protection.

These three Bodies were successively reached and realized by Ramalinga:


The first body in which the physical body results transformed, by Divine Grace, is the Suddha Deham or perfect body.

According to the description done by Ramalinga, in those who have reached Suddha Deham as much the dermis as the epidermis become extraordinarily smooth; nerves, tendons and muscles relax gradually; bones, membranes and cartilages become automatically flexible; blood coagulates and semen concentrates; the brain and all its parts became spongy expanded like a flower; through the entire body leaks the Elixir that flows filling it completely. Their face become brilliant, delicate and harmonious, making evident the internal state of Beatitude. Their senses can perceive all without being limited by any barrier or obstacle; their eyes can have a view of whole Universe, by that reason they aren't interested in observing the things of the world; they are able to see the content of all the worlds and beings (as much external as internally), without this vision may be hindered by dense barriers like walls or high like mountains; their tongue taste all the flavours, their skin experiences all tactile sensations, their nose sniffs all the smells, their ears are filled of melodies being able to listen any sound produced in any place. With their arms and hands they can take one thing independently of the distance, or give it to other there where he may be; they can reach any destiny without need that their legs do some physical movement, moving without step the ground; with their voice can communicate with anybody in any place of the universe and still beyond. They will be free from the need to consume food, from satisfy the sexual impulse and from feel fear; the body exempt from defects and impurities is refreshed, does not excrete, does not perspire and does not project shadow on the ground; their external appearance corresponds approximately to twelve years old; their hair doesn't become grey, their skin doesn't become wrinkle, they do not age and do not be under the control of death. Their breast and heart swell up palpitating of Love; the four aspects of the mind are illuminated and in total harmony; all the visible parts of the body radiate ecstacy; the ego has disappeared, being extinguished finally the signs of passed lives. God, in the form of Supreme Love, fills those Pure bodies with Divine Life.

Not being subjected to any limitation, those who have achieved Suddha Deham are able to create and destroy according to their own will, to resurrect a dead person and return an elder to the youth. Their knowledge is God's Knowledge, their action is God's Action, their experiences come from God himself, being manifested the Divine Grace through them. Even the most insignificant inanimate thing will be called to enter into a conscious life only by the Grace of their Look and by their mere Presence; the Greatness and the Glory of their Divine State necessarily will cover what is said by the six traditional spiritual disciplines (Vedanta, Siddhanta, Kalanta, Bodhanta, Nadanta -Tantra- and Yoganta), but will transcend and surpass all of them, being this Divine State what will carry them to achieve the Total and Perfect Bliss.


Pranava Deham is a Body of Grace that can be seen but not touch. The appearance of those who have attained this Body corresponds to a child who has from 5 to 8 years old; they make full use of all the siddhis according to their own will. The Vast Grace manifests completely through them, who enjoy the most celestial Bliss and sweet Ambrosia.


Gnana Deham is the next state in the highest Evolution contemplated for the human being. It is the highest Transmutation in God, emerging a Body of Supreme Knowledge which is that of the Unique God. This body is Omnipresent and full of Power and Grace, but neither can be seen nor touched nor perceived.

* * * * *

The final aim for the human in this material plane, without keep in mind the duration of his life, in accordance with Ramalinga, is to achieve ANMALABAM, which is the divine life that begins for its uninterrupted enjoyment, in every time and place, without being disturbed by any force, after achieving the Eternal Bliss of the Self who manifests radiant and luminous, full of Perfection and Sweetness. This blessing for the soul (that is Anmalabam) can be obtained by means of realizing four disciplines:

1- The first is the basis of the other three, being known as the discipline of the five senses. It seeks to control body and senses, in two ways: Jnanendriya (by understanding) and Karmendriya (by action).

2- The second touches the four aspects of the mind. Seeking the control of mind and its faculties, the disciple fixes his attention in the center of forehead (between both eyebrows, a little above the union among the nasal bone and the frontal), in the Ajna.

3- The third is the discipline of jeeva, by means of which should be seen surpassed all the differences because of the social condition, sex, religion, race, nationality, etc. showing a noble conduct toward all the beings.

4- Finally, the discipline of atma considers All as Manifestation of the Infinite and Universal Divine Existence, being able to see the Divinity in all the beings.

One can be a sincere seeker following the first two disciplines; the other two will not be able to be followed effectively until the Divine Grace should have been received, but one will be able to aspire to them and be based on their example.

The realization of these four disciplines is consummated in three successive achievements:

1- the achievement of Divine Life

2- the experience of the Eternal Grace

3- the full union with the Supreme Being

The achievement of Divine Life entails that the self may enjoy, full and naturally, the happiness without any limitation. A human being begins to suffer by one or another reason since the fertilization takes place in the mother's womb; in fact the sufferings that must be experienced accompany him in his birth. Ramalinga himself spoke about sadnesses of the fetus before being born, and those pains that he experienced when he was a child before being fulfilled the great petition elevated to God. For those who take these sufferings as something real, the life is sad and monotonous. Nevertheless, all the great saints, ascetics and learned on the Truth have worried for the suffering in this world and all those who have found a solution to it have preached that the Devotion to God is the unique option. Ramalinga indicated that when the Supreme Love itself entered into him, all the chains were broken at once forever, being only Stillness instead of them. In this state, the being loses his sense of individuality, being immersed the soul in Divine Grace. On having achieved this aim, it sprouts the desire to continue advancing more and more.

The second achievement supposes that the being may be increasingly more aware of being a part of the Vast Grace, being sanctified by It with Immortality and Omnipresence. Truly there are not words to explain what this State of Bliss supposes for the disciple, who results transmuted into an Incarnation of the Grace.

But longing to go further, the being will rise more and more above, toward the highest summit, coming to culminate achieving the full Union with God for all the Eternity. This last state is inconceivable, ineffable and unimaginable... impossible to describe.


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