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3 Goddesses at their Powerspots

Special Worship of the 3 Shaktis
The 3 Goddesses at their Powerspots

During the Special Fridays – Feb 2nd & Feb 9th

"The concept of the Goddess is both intriguing and interesting. To tell you the truth nothing can happen without Her. The human female is a surrogate of the Goddess. No man can succeed without Her energy. That's why there is the saying that "A successful man always has a woman behind him". The converse is also true: if a man fails it is also caused by a woman. The feminine whether it is the Goddess or the human female is called Shakti (energy) in India. You may ask how can a woman who is a weakling be energy? It is true that a man is more muscular, strong and carries a lot more energy than a woman. But hereby Shakti is meant like spiritual energy.

The Goddess is real. She is invisible to the naked eye and belongs to heaven. She visits the earth-plane periodically and stays at certain temples. Who brought Her over into the earth-plane? The Yogis and Siddhas did. The technology of the Siddhas and the Yogis is quite scientific. Knowing that the Goddess can help the human beings quite miraculously, the Siddhas brought the Goddess over to certain energy spots and enshrined them through esoteric processes. The Goddess stays here in the form or a rock or statue that retains her energy. It is important to identify those shrines and establish your connection with your Goddess.

Establishing a connection with a Goddess is an intricate and sophisticated process. It is unfortunate that the Goddess worship has fallen in the hands of charlatans and the gullible public – both unconsciously continuing the tradition. If you don't do the worship properly it is a waste of money and time. Nevertheless, one must remember that it is after the Kali Yuga (the dark age) and corrupt tendencies that are part of the time period. I am happy that somehow even through this Dark Age that the Gods and Goddesses managed to survive and hold themselves.” – says Dattatreya Siva Baba

The whole world is under the influence of Ichcha Shakti, Kriya Shakti and Gnana Shakti. Every human has these 3 powers. Ichcha Shakti is the will power, the power of desire or motivation which relates to the Mind. Kriya Shakti is the power of action, the ability to act for the fulfillment of the desire that relates to physical body and Gnana Shakti Represents the power of knowledge, the capacity to know and recognize, which relates to the soul (Athma). That is why it is said, human beings are not one person, but three -the one you think you are (physical body), the one others think you are (mental body) and the one you really are (principle of the Athma). Everyone is essentially divine, but is unable to understand this.

All these Shakti’s have individual temples that are located near Chennai. It is powerful to worship and offer prayers in these Shakti temples on Full Moon Days and Fridays.

Melur Thiruvudai Amman Temple Ichcha Shakti
Thirumullaivoyil Kodivudai Amman temple Kriya Shakti
Thiruvotriyur Vadivudai Amman Temple Gnana Shakti
Ichcha Shakti:

Goddess Thiruvudai Amman represents Ichcha Shakti, the goddess who will fulfill the desires of her devotees. This temple is situated in Melur near Madras. This place was once a forest filled with trees, shrubs and sweet smelling flowers and hence this place was known as Sugandavanam (Suganda is sweet / pleasant smell and Vanam is forest). Special prayers are offered to this Devi by offering yellow color Saree & mangoes as prasad.

A important significance of this temple is that people from neighboring villages found a grazing cow showering its milk into a shrub. So people thronged to that place and to their astonishment they found a Lingam (Suyambu - self formed) within the shrub. They worshipped the Lord as Sungandavaneswaran. In due course the name changed to Thirumanangeesar in Tamil.

Kriya Shakti:

Goddess Kodivudai Amman represents Kriya Shakti, the goddess who guides us in our actions and activities. This temple is located in a place called Thirumullaivoyil, a place that was filled with Mullai flowers (a special kind of Jasmine flowers). Special prayers are to offered to this Devi by offering green saree & bananas as prasad.

This temple also has a myth of a Suyambu lingam. Once a King by name Thondaiman was returning from a war. On his way back one of the legs of his elephant got caught in the Mullai creeper (the special jasmine flowers grows as a creeper). Hence the king cut the creeper with his sword and he was shocked to see blood oozing out. The king immediately cleaned the place and was stunned to see a Suyambu Linga. The kind repenting for his deed of hurting the Lord tried to cut his own head. At that time Lord Shiva appeared with his Consort Uma and Nandi Devar and blessed the King. The king erected a temple in honor of Lord Shiva. Since Lord Shiva has a cut on his head, Sandal Paste is applied (which is known as Chandana Kappu) as a medicine. The Goddess has a sanctum to the right of the Lord Shiva and the idol of Nandi is said to be facing the entrance of the (Usually Nandi faces Lord Shiva) to eliminate or eradicate all the bad and negative elements.

Gnana Shakti:

Goddess Vadivudai Amman represents Gnana Shakti, the goddess who bestows knowledge and wisdom. Vadivudai Amman is also known as the Beautiful Goddess. Her Blessings will bestow one with knowledge, wisdom and divine beauty. This temple is located in Thiruvotriyur. As per the legends of the temple this is the first temple to come into existence and hence the Lord of this temple Thiyagaraja Swamy is also called as Adheepureeswarer. The main tree of this temple that stands to this day Mazhilampoo tree. With this tree as a witness, Sundarar, one of the four saivaite saints married his wife Sangiliar in this temple. Another significance of this temple is that it has the idols of all the 63 saivaite saints and Adi Shankarar. Lord Siva forms a row a 27 lingas representing the 27 stars.

From the legends of these three temples it is very obvious that the Shakti are a part of Shiva and without Shiva there is no Shakti and without Shakti there is no Shiva. It is the combined energy of Lord Shiva and Shakti that rules the universe.


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