Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jupiter Transit into Scorpio

Human life is controlled by the planets, minute by minute, second by second, millisecond by millisecond. You make money or inherit it because of a planet or a combination of several planets. You start an illness during a bad planet period and get healed due to another benevolent planet. Marriage and divorce are controlled by the planets as well. I have said a million times that astrology is not a superstition. It is a higher science. We have scientific proof for it. There are millions of palm leaves in India carrying the history of people living in New York, London and Tokyo. There are Discover Channel presentations on this phenomenon called nadi leaves. Nadi leaf is proof that every aspect of your life is controlled by planets. The planets decide who you are going to marry, how many children you are going to have, what job you will do, many hundreds of years before you are born. By the standard of the Siddhas, time is really an illusion.

Of all the 9 planets in Vedic astrology, there is one planet which is extremely benevolent. It is Jupiter. He is rightly called “Guru” in Sanskrit. Just as the guru removes the problems of the devotees, the planet Guru brings fortune for most people across the board. The placement of Guru in the 9th house is extremely beneficial. The person with a 9th House Guru will overcome all problems and become successful in a miraculous way.

Jupiter transits only once every year and is moving into Scorpio on October 20th (Vakya System in Tamil Nadu) and on October 27th (Ganita system used on Astroved). The following is generally what is going to happen for each of your moon signs or ascendants:

Moon Sign/

Placement of Jupiter

Effects of JUPITER

Aries Jupiter in your 8th house You should exercise caution in your utterances and in your social activities. You should exercise honesty in your profession Gain through bonds. Monetary gain due to pledging or Mortgaging properties. Ailment in the excretory system. Accidents. Financial gain to spouse which would lead to misunderstanding in the family. Loss of reputation due to corruption. Students need to put in hard work.
Taurus Jupiter in your 7th house Good comforts. Pleasurable journeys. Entertainments. Success in litigation. New ventures. Excel in public relations. Success in profession. Marriage occasions in family.
Gemini Jupiter in your 6th house Inflow of income will be more. Better business prospects. Auspicious occasions. More care towards Mother’s health. Extensive trading Dedication towards work. Sanction of loans and overdraft facility. Will get faithful servants. Overpowering enemies. Taking part in feast and festivities. Sorrow. Misunderstanding with partner. Lack of memory. Loss of valuables.
Cancer Jupiter in your 5th house Enthusiastic .Gain of wealth. Spiritual initiation. Intelligence will excel. Gains in Speculation. Firm Dignity. Gains from paternal property. Transfer (place) in Job. Honors. Afflictions to children’s health. Win over enemies. Possibilities of misunderstanding between husband and wife. Blessings of Saintly people.
Leo Jupiter in your 4th house Purchase of valuables and material comforts. New opportunities for inflow of income, gain the love and blessings of mother. False allegations Quarrels and disputes with relatives. Unfavorable to father. Expenditure towards children health. Ailment in the chest or breast. Litigation in property. Quite thoughtful,. Possibilities of meeting with accident. Strong divine faith. Misunderstanding between the spouses. Caution while undertaking journeys.
Virgo Jupiter in your 3rd house Good intuition and inclination of mind to write books. Journeys enable Spiritual experiences. Help from siblings. Compromise in disputes. Health problems to elders. Depresssions.Unexpected transfers. Partition of property which would lead to disputes. Medical expenses to Mother. Ailment in the right ear. Tend to lose interest in pleasures and comforts. Proper sleep and good food habits would help in maintaining good health.
Libra Jupiter in your 2nd house Gain of wealth. Spending money for meritorious deeds (donations).New responsibilites.Postive turning point in routine life. Taking care of others. Steadiness of mind. Profits through selling and buying of commodities. Fortune. Recovery from ailments.
Scorpio Jupiter in your 1st house Social status would improve. Happiness due to children. New good friendship, Divine support, outstation / overseas business travel fruitful. Divine guidance. Lack of money. Debts. Solitude ness. Good Physical health.
Sagittarius Jupiter in the 12th house Confession to previously committed errors. Auspicious expenses. Spiritual aversion. Losses. Obstacles in all endeavours. Undesirable and problems due to change of place. Troubles in profession. Penury. Chances of regaining the lost position and status. Do not involve in arguments.
Capricorn Jupiter in the 11th house Gain in position. Expansion of Business. Increase in number of friends. Even enemy turns to be a friend. Benefit from brother in law. Regaining lost things. Good news. Honors. Fulfillments of desires. Good profit in all undertakings. Good understanding in the family.
Aquarius Jupiter in your 10th house Spiritual deeds. Gains through contacts. Good rapport with statesmen. Ailment in the back bone. Fortune to father. Ill fame in profession. Opportunities of increase your comforts. You would be able to accumulate money.
Pisces Jupiter in your 9th house Good fortune. Pilgrimage. Charitable deeds. Good circulation of money. Affluence. Dedication.

This year Dattatreya Siva Baba has decided that we celebrate this transit of Jupiter in the temple of the 7 Rishis (Gurus). The seven Rishis are the cornerstone of yoga philosophy. They are: Athri, Brighu, Vasishta, Gautam, Angirasa, Kutsya and Kashyapa. (There are slight variations in the list according to different traditions.) The seven Rishis got together at one place to worship Lord Shiva as Guru Dakshinamurty. The temple is names as the Seven Rishis temple and is located in Lalakudi near Trichy in Tamil Nadu.

The seven Rishis are very compassionate beings running between planet earth and heaven. They have been constantly working for improving the quality of life and evolution of the earth. It is a pity that we have not recognized them or acknowledged them appropriately. We can solve our problems very easily and effortlessly by praying to these Rishis at the right times, just as is this transit of Jupiter into Scorpio.


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