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February 1st: The Most Powerful Day of Light

February 1st: The Most Powerful Day of Light
Thai Poosam – The Vel Becomes Powerful
Swami Ramalingam’s Day of Ascension into Light

The upcoming Full Moon on February 1st will be the Thai Full Moon, called Thai Poosam. There is a very special spiritual significance to this Full Moon as the star Pushya (Poosam) is considered by many to be the most auspicious star for spiritual development. Pushya means "nuture" and is in the sign Cancer owned by the Moon, the Mother. The deity associated with Pushya is also Brihaspati, the Guru or teacher and so it has a property of enlightening spiritual growth. It gains even further significance as February 1st happens to be Thursday (the day ruled by Guru).

The Pushya star coinciding with the Full Moon will give one the ability to come closer to God. Even after departing this earth, the siddhas and seers maintain that those devoted to God, even kings first visit the world of Pushya star, and only then reach heaven.

It was on a Thai Poosam in 1874 that Swami Ramalingam made his final merger with Light. Ramalingam was a tremendous Saint who was able to transform his physical body into a body made of Light. He lived and maintained his body of light for 1-1/2 years for all to witness. On the Pushya star and Full Moon day, he made his final merger with the light complete and physically disappeared from the earth plane. No traces of his body were ever found. Click here to read more about Swami Ramalingam's Jyoti Day.

In mythological times, it was on Thai Poosam day that Goddess Parvati, presented the Shakti Vel, the Divine Spear Weapon, to Lord Muruga to defeat the demon Surabhaduman. For many, Thai Poosam is the most powerful day to pray to the Vel and Muruga for destruction of all enemies, diseases and debts. The eminent spear in the hand of Lord Muruga has a lot of significance in the path of bestowing grace during the era. The Vel also is called as Jyoti, or Light.


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