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The Six Days of Muruga

The Six Days of Muruga

The Six Days of Muruga
(22 to 27 October 2006)

Muruga, the younger son of Lord Siva, is alive in the earth plane. He has always been concerned about the evolution of planet earth and human beings. Muruga is the Lord of the Pleiades. As you may know the Pleiadians are active now on our plant to bring more light and love. Muruga is associated with the star Krittika (Alcyone). By 2012 when the earth comes in alignment with the Sun and Alcyone there will be an opportunity for our planet to acquire light. This will be the work of Muruga (Alcyone).

Muruga has often played a major role in educating the humans about a higher life. He is basically a celestial warrior constantly involved in killing demons that prevent light from entering the earth plane. During the Nine Nights of the Goddess the three goddesses Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati were involved in destroying the dark forces. Now at the beginning of November, Muruga takes over and fights with the demons.

Muruga's mythology says that he was born out of the third-eye of Lord Siva. Siva's semen went up to his third eye out of which there emerged six sparks of flame. The six-headed Muruga was thus born to destroy the demons. Hindu mythology is very complicated to decipher because it simultaneously unveils many layers of reality about the world and the human psyche. To put it simply Muruga is within and without the body. Within the body he is the lord of kundalini, the sexual energy at the base of the spine. The ascent of the energy to the third-eye symbolizes the birth of Muruga. As he ascends Muruga holds a Vel or lance, which is a symbol for the spinal column and the brain.

It is impossible to comprehend the concept of Vel (lance). It is a weapon that destroys demons, it is kundalini ascending; and it destroys karma. I have been asking my students to hold on to the Vel and carry it with them. This has been very helpful. No one can underestimate the power of the Vel in destroying karma. Keep a Vel on your alter and perform abishekam on every Tuesday. Miraculously your karma will be wiped out. Your diseases, financial problems, depression, relationship issues all can be overcome with the Vel. Vel will destroy even the worst and obstinate karma. Mantra for Vel is Vetri Vel Swaha.

Vetri Vel Swaha

Vetri in Tamil means Victory. During the six days of Muruga Vel plays an important role in destroying your karma. Those of you who are going to be joining me during the Muruga trip will visit various shrines dedicated to Muruga. This years Skanda Shasti is very special because Mars, who is also associated with Muruga is close to the earth. It is interesting that he is closest to the earth during the festival.

During this Skanda Shasti the ashram in India will energize a limited quantity of 22K Golden Vels. Generally, Vels are made in copper and silver. A golden Vel however is the most potent. You can get a Golden Vel energized for you during the Six Days for Muruga.
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Mayil Tarpanam

Tarpanam for the liberation of dead mayil’s (peacocks).

Due to the unconscious and irrational behavior of hunters, peacocks have been hunted down. It is true that peacock is the national bird of India and hunting peacock is prohibited, but still it goes on. The death of peacocks have created disharmony in the cosmos. It effects individuals as well as animate and inanimate lives. This year during Skanda Shasti Datta has planned to due Tarpanam for the liberation of peacocks souls at Muruga temple situated on the water. We will do the rituals at the Arupadai Veedu Muruga Temple in Madras where the 6 chief temples of Muruga have been replicated in one temple.

Peacock represents the fastest of time shakti. Muruga gets on it and flies faster than our rockets. He returns to the spot where he started in the wink of an eye. Arunagiri has many songs about the peacock.

Kukuta (Rooster) Homa

The Kukuta (Rooster) homa is a very powerful fire ritual done to invoke one of Lord Muruga's powerful vehicles, the Rooster. Muruga's divine rooster has the ability to destroy negativity and ward off evil. It is a less common known homa in India, but extremely powerful in nature and should only be done by qualified brahmin priests.


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